Laser Treatment

Laser Gum Treatment

Soft-tissue lasers have revolutionized chairside dental treatment, allowing dental professionals to deliver procedures with greater accuracy and dramatically improved healing times. Whether it is a gingivectomy, treating a cold sore, uncovering a cuspid or assisting intaking impressions, lasers achieve consistently superior results and help us provide the highest standard of care for our patients.

Laser Gingivectomy

Gingivectomy is the total removal of a portion of gingiva (gum) from in and around a tooth or teeth in order to treat gum disease or to lengthen the height or width of a tooth or a section of teeth. Gingivoplasty only involves a partial removal of the gums. Gum enlargement commonly happens after Orthodontic treatment (braces), as a result of gum infection or drug induced gum swelling, however, it can occur naturally and result in a gummy smile. Laser-assisted gum removal is extremely safe, and effective.

Laser Frenectomy

The laser-assisted SRP therapy procedure is done comfortably with topical anesthetic or local anesthetic. The Traditional "deep cleaning" is done under the gum line of your teeth and root surfaces. This will remove the hardened plaque that is causing infection. Dr. Yelisetty is using advanced dental laser as an adjunct to traditional SRP therapy to lower the bacterial load and remove a layer of infected gum tissue. After this procedure patients are usually moved back to the maintenance program at an interval that will help them stay infection free.

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