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Dr. Iryna Yelisetty or Dr. Y, as patients refer to her, is a new breath of fresh air in South Forsyth. She brings almost a decade of experience as a dentist and a concept of HEALTHY LIVING DENTISTRY to our community.


Dr. Y is famous for placing BPA-free fillings, Metal-free crowns and many more procedures and dental materials that do not contain Mercury, Gluten and other harmful elements.

Dr. Yelisetty invests in the technologies that make a difference for her patients and South Forsyth community. SHARON SPRINGS DENTAL is the ONLY ECOFRIENDLY office in North Atlanta. It is the first office in our county to filter sewer water for Mercury after removal of old metal fillings. Your health and well being are out top priorities. Sharon Springs Dental employ the highest standards of safety and comply with strict sterilization procedures.The latest technology investment means the least radiation possible for the patients.

As a dentist, Dr. Yelisetty diagnosis not only dental issues, but also recognizes and assists patients in getting help for other serious systemic diseases such as GERD, sleep apnea, diabetes, hypertension, and more. Dr. Yelisetty provides thorough care, using bio-compatible dental materials, minimally invasive procedures, and recommendations intended to prevent future disease, discomfort, and damage.

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1475 Peachtree Pkwy Suite C-3 | Cumming, GA, 30041


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