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Sharon Springs Dental in Cumming, GA was founded by Dr. Iryna Yelisetty in March 2015. It was designed as a private general dental practice catering to Forsyth county residents’ dental needs. Since than the practice has grown and our patients are coming from India, Mexico, Korea, England, Belarus, Russia, Florida, New York, Alabama, Woodstock GA, Gainesville GA, Lawrenceville GA, Suwanee GA, Johns Creek GA, Buckhead Atlanta GA to receive consultation and treatment by Dr. Yelisetty and her supporting clinical team of outstanding hygienists. Dr. Yelisetty collaborates with exceptional specialists, emphasizes patients education and individualized dental care to achieve superb results. She brings almost a decade of experience as a dentist and a concept of HEALTHY LIVING DENTISTRY to our community. A few of the dental services that are offered include general and cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, and more.


Dr. Y is famous for placing BPA-free fillings, Metal-free crowns and many more procedures and dental materials that do not contain Mercury, Gluten and other harmful elements.The practice is LATEX FREE and BPA FREE, and equipped with the latest technologies: digital X-rays with minimal radiation exposure, LASER, etc. Dr. Yelisetty is caring and gentle person who loves to take extra care of patients with anxiety and fear of a dentist.

Dr. Yelisetty diagnosis not only dental issues, but also recognizes and assists patients in getting help for other serious systemic diseases such as GERD, sleep apnea, diabetes, hypertension, and more. Dr. Yelisetty provides thorough care, using bio-compatible dental materials, minimally invasive procedures, and recommendations intended to prevent future disease, discomfort, and damage. Sharon Springs Dental supports Forsyth county by building an Eco-friendly practice. It is the first Dental Facility in Forsyth county to have Amalgam separator in place to eliminate hazardous mercury waste.

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  • Dr. Iryna Yelisetty

    Dr. Iryna Yelisetty graduated with honors from the University of South Alabama (Mobile AL) and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences and Chemistry. She then was awarded a scholarship to the University of Alabama (Birmingham AL) where she earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. During her time in college, Dr. Yelisetty was involved in numerous student organizations and completed a research project with a publication on vascular physiology. She continues to refine her skills in all areas of general dentistry with an emphasis on esthetic cases by attending annual continuing education classes and meetings.

  • Mary
    Practice Administrator

    I am from Southern California where, I started my career in the dental field over 15 years ago at a Naval Base. I grew to really enjoy learning about dental health and how I can help patients. I enjoy getting to know our patients and the best way we can help them. During my spare time I love to spend time with my children, running them to their activities.

  • Crisly
    Lead Dental Assistant

    Crisly has been an expanded functions dental assistant for over 10 years. It has always been a priority to assure patients they are comfortable during their visits and provide them the utmost standard of care. Her skill and compassion in providing excellent care in both English and Spanish allow for the ultimate patient experience. Crisly moved to Georgia from Florida to be able to enjoy spending time with her family members alongside her husband Yoel and son Remy. She also loves a good run and target run as well when it's 'mommy's alone time.'

  • Jeanine
    Dental Assistant

    We are proud to announce Jeanine’s acceptance into dental hygienist program! She will remain a part of our team on a part-time basis. 

    My name is Jeanine Crawford. I grew up in Forsyth County. I am currently enrolled at The University of North Georgia and I plan to further my career in the dental field and transform smiles. My 3 fur babies have my heart; Gus, Faith, and Dungey! I am an avid concert goer and I love going shopping, and spending time with friends and family every chance I get! 

  • Colleen ...
    Dental Hygienist

    Colleen graduated from Milwaukee Technical college in 2011 and always stays on the front of her advancements to provide the best quality dental care available to all her patients.Her professionalism and commitment is noticeably reflected in her positive attitude and delivery of care. Colleen has moved from Wisconsin to enjoy the Georgia weather and southern hospitality. She spends her free time hiking and traveling with her fiance' Jason and her dog Zeus.

    Colleen is expecting a baby girl and is currently on a maternity leave. 


    Pleasant, comfortable and inviting dental office. Friendly and professional staff. Great first visit experience.

    A. B.

    Always a great experience at Sharon springs dental! Highly recommend!

    M. Y.

    I am so happy to have found them. Very kind and caring, Dr. Y and her entire staff. I am having dental work done before I have radiation. Was so patient and understanding to all that I am going through. Took extra time to explain my treatment and even went out of the way to give me extra support. Best dentist experience I have ever had. So blessed to have them on my side.

    D. A.

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